Riverside – Glasgow’s Transport Museum


Located along the River Clyde in the City of Glasgow Scotland, Riverside Museum is a wonderful venue dedicated to the history of transport, a winner of the 2013 European Museum of the Year award.

There’s no entrance fee to see the display of heritage vehicles, which include trams, locomotives, buses, cars, motorcycles, skateboards and even baby strollers (or Prams as they are referred to in Scotland). An abundance of interactive video displays are located throughout and there’s something to please everyone, young and old.

In one particular section of the museum, you will find a historic Glasgow streetscape. Like stepping through a time machine, you can take a stroll down a cobbled stoned road, see old cars and trams, shop windows filled with vintage display goods, and even find an entrance to a mock subway station, where visitors can take a virtual ride on one of the original rolling stock.

However, visitors may most admire the exterior of the building and it’s unique design and style of architecture, truly an amazing work of art, beautifully situated on the banks of the River Clyde.

Visitors to Glasgow must not miss this museum, a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, and with no admission fee required, one can’t argue with the price!

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